Thanksgiving Reflections


Giving Thanks:

It’s Thanksgiving, and a time to pause and reflect. What are you thankful for? What in your life is good, and valued, and a joy? Take a moment; make your personal list.

My List:

  • Health – freedom to enjoy life’s blessings
  • Sight – to see loved ones, nature and everyday miracles
  • Hearing – to hear music and voices and the sounds of nature
  • Taste – to enjoy wonderful new food adventures
  • Smell – of fresh popcorn, or the cinnamon nuts that seem to be at every indoor event
  • Touch – the amazing softness of the newest micro-fiber fake furs
  • Shelter – warmth in the winter, coolness in the summer, a dry place in the rain
  • Food – nourishment and more; an experience, an adventure from kim chi to creme brûlée.
  • Family – love, warmth and acceptance
  • Friends – connection to other ideas, views and experiences
  • Travel – “places I’ve never been to, sunsets to be ridden into…”
  • A Car – transporting me in comfort and ease for miles
  • Funny Memes – the unexpected smile to start the day
  • Fresh Water – for everything from drinking to cooking to washing hands
  • Work – to have skills to offer
  • Finances – money to get by
  • The Strong Nuclear Force – very important
  • Science – never-ending new questions and new discoveries
  • Sleep – the opportunity to recharge and refresh
  • Puppies – big puppy eyes, squiggles and wet noses
  • Technology – look, mom – no slide rule!
  • Faith – to get through uncertainty
  • Gravity – think about it.
  • Opera – like Aida, where characters sing at full volume while suffocating to death.
  • Chocolate – grateful to whoever had the idea to transform beans into wonderfulness
  • Coffee – like chocolate, much gratitude.
  • and endless other things.

Take Time for Thanksgiving

Sometimes life is tough, and frustrations and discouragement can feel overwhelming. Sometimes we need to really dig to find things to celebrate and reasons to rejoice. Yet they are there.

Business is important, but life is more than business. Life is life. Take time to smell the roses, rejoice with your family and appreciate all the things for which we can give thanks. Take time to reflect and appreciate; take time for Thanksgiving.


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