A big “Thank You!”  to the clients and colleagues who have shared their experiences with Advantage Business Concepts. We appreciate your kind words and support!


t446_main_logo“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ellen on a number of different projects and bounced many ideas off of her.  She has been a big help to me in connecting our organization with the needs and thoughts of our customer base.  She’s a valuable resource, and I look forward to continuing our work in the future.”

 D. Czurylo, Sr. Director of Finance and Administration

Kane County Cougars, Class A Affiliate of the Chicago Cubs


headerIndex“I have had the pleasure of working with Ellen both as her colleague and as her client. As a consultant to small business, Ellen brings extensive knowledge and experience. What’s more, she has enthusiasm, a fresh perspective and good sense. I highly recommend Advantage Business Concepts. Through financial analysis and operations review, Ellen can offer opportunities to enhance profits.”

 D. Dassow, Binding Legacies


logo“Ellen’s work ethic, creativeness and knowledge are contagious when she is addressing a room of eager learners. I have used Ellen’s skills at various Chamber events and have been most pleased with her skills.”

 S. Rutledge-Ott, ACE, Greater Aurora Chamber of Commerce


“Having been in several instructional and networking groups facilitated by Ellen has been fun and educational. Her enthusiasm brings strangers together so they discover mutually beneficial interests and skills. Ellen makes everyone feel comfortable to network and offer services to each other. She has very good business sense, seeing the whole picture and the details. Ellen offers good advice from her very wide range of experience.”

 N. E. Temple, Infinte Video Productions


“Ellen’s ability to organize, coordinate and lead groups is outstanding. She is widely respected for helping clients, colleagues and associates grow their businesses and solve challenging problems. Ellen has one of the very best networks in the community and is always willing to help and share with others.”

 E. Breclaw, Executive Forums


“Ellen is a talented, creative, energetic marketing consultant who is a great connector and strategic thinker. Her upbeat, positive personality makes her a joy to work with.”

 L. Zuk-Lloyd, Zuk-Lloyd Associates


“Ellen has provided valuable services to the Illinois Small Business Development Center over the years as a counselor to businesses, an instructor for various courses, running/managing various events, and assisting as an Advisory Board member. Ellen is always ready to volunteer to help with a project, help out another business with any problems they have, or make sure you get referred to a resource that can help you. Her knowledge and experience makes her services as a consultant, helping improve business efficiency and profitabilty”

 K. Knowles, Elgin Community College SBDC

“I have worked with Ellen in a variety of capacities. She teaches many of my small business workshops at Waubonsee and gets rave reviews from the students. She is knowledgeable in all aspects of small business management and marketing and I recommend her highly.”

 H. Parker, Waubonsee Community College SBDC


“Ellen is an extraordinary CONDUIT FOR CONNECTION. As a process oriented thinker, she is task focused, however she has the distinct ability to utilize incredible interpersonal skill to make the connections that need to be made for optimal outcome. I highly recommend Ellen Huxtable as a strategist and profitability analyst for your organization.”

 M. O’Brien, President, O’Brien and Son


“Ellen provided insights into our cash flow in an easy to understand and manage format. Her grasp of information and communication is amazing!”

 T. Wangler, Confident Aire, Inc.