Sales Worksheet: Six Keys to Sales

keys to sales worksheet

Six keys – six points can highlight critical gaps which are costing you sales. Download the worksheet below to stretch your vision and expand business. Take some time to think about your market, your product and your customers. Spend your marketing time, money and effort wisely. (Yes…the picture only has five keys. I suppose the sixth key should have been called the key to imagination!)

Review the six keys. How do you  measure up? Download the sales worksheet from the link below to assess your business and get growing.

  • Know your product. What does it do? What about it is exciting? What is boring? Find the excitement. Eliminate the boring.
  • Identify the emotional appeal. People buy on emotion. Fear, greed, anxiety, joy, comfort, peace and dozens of other emotions can all trigger sales. Position your product to generate emotion.
  • Know your prime target customers – the people who are most likely to really want your product and are willing and able to pay for  it.  Anyone with determination can buy boiled octopus (it’s sort of chewy) but some people are more likely to really want it.
  • Make it east for prime target customers to find you. Where do they look? Be there. Who do they ask? Connect with them.  Today, selling it is not about broadcasting your product; it’s about getting found when a customer is ready to buy.
  • Be the absolute first choice for your prime target customer. Find and focus on your specialty. Even department stores, which carry a huge assortment of goods, specialize in serving customers at a specific income level.
  • Make your business remarkable. Word of mouth drives sales. Create an emotional package which is so amazing that people can’t stop talking about it. Generate buzz.

Take a few minutes to profile your company, your product and your customers. Find the gaps and weak spots in your sales strategy. Identify solutions and take action. Even the smallest changes can yield big results. Get ready, get set, and be remarkable!

Click here to download the “Six Keys to Sales” worksheet, and get started now on your remarkable business!


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