Purpose, Goals and Time Management

What is your purpose?The Really Big Picture

What is your life purpose? Why are you here? Do the goals you set and the way you manage your time support your vision? And do you invest time into meeting those goals? How well are your accomplishing your primary mission?

“What is your purpose in life?” is a tough question to answer. Purpose can be defined as “The reason for which you exist; the reason for which you were made.” Discovering your purpose takes some thinking. Whether your intent is to die with the most toys, or build an empire, or end world hunger, or save the planet or be the best person you can be, your purpose sets the framework for your goals, your life, and the way you spend and manage time.

In the crush of everyday activity, time can get away from us. We fight the immediate fires and scramble to stay ahead of the game. And too often we find that the day has gone by, and we are no closer to our goals, and certainly no closer to fulfilling our life’s mission. And days quickly become weeks, and months, and seasons.

Your Purpose, Your Place

Just for a moment, disconnect from the noise of today. What is your life purpose? Why are you here? After you’ve gone, what legacy do you want to leave behind?

Now think about your goals. What big things do you want to accomplish? Are these connected to your purpose? What do you need to do to meet your goals?

Finally, take a look at how you manage your time. We only have 24 hours every day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. It really isn’t much time. Are you spending it wisely? Is your time being spent to achieve your goals?

Time management is often seen as a tool to get more done in less time, or to create time for the things we want to do. Both of these are valid. But if we lack focus on our goals, our wonderful goals may die in the dust. We can manage time perfectly, but leave our goals untouched. And we can reach the end of our time, and find that what we saw as our life purpose has also been left far behind.

Find your purpose, and make a commitment. Start with the really, really big picture. What is your place in the universe? What amazing thing are you here to accomplish? Then set your goals accordingly. Finally, take the time to manage your time. Work actively toward fulfilling your goals. Work diligently toward fulfilling your purpose. And even if you fall short, you will have accomplished something amazing.



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