Professional Success – Six Steps to Take Control of Your Career

Professional successPlan for Success.

Are you on track for your big goals, or are you wasting precious time? Professional success can seem permanently elusive. You almost have it in your grasp, but fate takes a turn, and you’re off on another wild goose chase. Your career path is a series of ups and downs, lateral moves, reversals, dead ends, spirals, alleys and great leaps of faith.

Looking ahead, what are your goals? Are you aiming for a comfortable home, college for the kids, and a recurrent income stream? Do you want to make partner in your firm, or join the C Suite? Are you aiming for a seven- figure retirement nest egg, or annual European vacations? Think big. Envision life beyond the immediate future; stretch your dreams to retirement and beyond.

Are your goals clearly defined? Do you have a valid plan to achieving them? Are you on track with that plan? Or are you coasting along, expecting that someday all you hope for will fall effortlessly into your lap?

Take Action.

Don’t wait for a magical miracle. Take control of your future. Set your goals and move continuously toward their achievement. Take the following six steps and move toward professional success:

  1. Set your goals in writing. Know yourself. Be specific. Quantify the target and specify a deadline.
  2. Set your timeline. In order to reach your goals, what do you need to achieve every year, between now and your deadline? Where do you need to be at the end of every month this year?
  3. How are your going to accomplish your goals for this year, this month and this week? Be specific. Set a personal strategic plan.
  4. Take the action you need to meet your goals each day.
  5. Continuously assess your progress. Adjust strategies and tactics as needed.
  6. Stay on track for success.

You set goals, plans and strategies for your business. Don’t shortchange yourself. Be at least as engaged for your life as you are for business. Know where you want to go, and set a track for personal and professional success.

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