presentations, seminars and workshops from Advantage Business ConceptsWhat do your members want from your presentations, seminars and workshops? Participants are investing their time and money; what do they expect in return? Are they focused on:

  • Practical, relevant, useful content?
  • New ideas and insights they can apply immediately?
  • Structured approaches to tackle issues?
  • Useful handouts, templates and worksheets?
  • An engaging, upbeat and informative session?
  • Something different?
  • What else?

Connect with your members through an energized and informative session. Address the issues most important to them. Advantage Business Concepts works with you to design a program to fit your members’  needs and purposes. We deliver content on the hot topics of business, including but not limited to:

  • Strategic Planning: Looking to the future and meeting it head on
  • Marketing: Identifying and capitalizing on your target market
  • Innovation: Creating new audiences, products and solutions
  • Growth: Building business and the infrastructure to support it
  • Leadership:Inspiring the best in people
  • Management: Setting the structures and processes to get things done
  • Networking: Making the most of contact opportunities

Past presentations include:

  • “Top Ten Management Tips from the World of Golf”
  • “Turn Back the Clock!” – An Innovation Workshop
  • “The Power Pyramid – Building a Business to Grow”
  • “Your Marketing Tanked – Now What?”

Contact us to discuss your needs and options. Ope presentations are crafted to fit a range of time constraints and formats. These include:

  • Short sessions: 45 to 90 minute presentations ideal for regularly scheduled meetings or luncheons.
  • Educational focus events: 2 to 3 hour sessions exploring a topic in greater depth. These can be either presentations or workshops, depending on the topic and preferred approach.
  • Half to full day events: These special event seminars and workshops give participants the opportunity to break away from their usual activity, take a breath and focus on a critical topic. Worksheets, templates and exercises are often part of these sessions.

All sessions are interactive; discussion, input and feedback from participants is highly encouraged!

We have extensive experience in presenting engaging and dynamic content to professional associations, chambers of commerce, colleges and business groups.

Build engagement and excitement. Offer your members a program designed to deliver. Contact us today to discuss opportunities and options!