Leadership, Winning, and “How About Them Cubs!”

Leadership, winning and Wrigley FieldGo, Cubs!

Leadership, winning and much more have been on the minds of Cub fans over the past weeks.  Leadership brings, as television once said, “The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat.” You are on the edge. One small decision can land you on top of the world, or in the depths of “Wait until next year.” You set your strategy, you set your plan, and you see it through.

Many congratulations to the Chicago Cubs, for their rise to victory. Along the way, millions of lifelong fans, and new fans, and believers in miracles agonized over every pitch, every catch, every breath, and every decision by the coaching staff.

“They should pull the pitcher now!” “Why did they pull the pitcher?” “Why is he starting?” Several million armchair coaches screamed, and groaned, and shouted their managerial input to anyone remotely nearby. Countless babies and canines had their quiet slumbers repeatedly shattered.

In the midst of this tempest, leadership held their course. They assessed their position, made decisions, and steered the team to victory.

Fly the “W!”

As we all catch our breath, catch up on sleep and reflect back, what can we learn from this wild October ride?

  • Set the right goal. The Cubs’ goal was not to get to the World Series; their goal was to win the World Series. In setting your goals, don’t sell yourself short.
  • Not everything is a democracy. A leader may solicit input, but leadership means making the call. The buck stops with you.
  • You will have setbacks; plan for them. If you need to win all three remaining games, set your sights and do it.
  • It’s a team sport. The leader alone is powerless. Success is created by the team. Build your team carefully, and support them for the win.
  • Nothing is hopeless. It might take awhile, but nothing is hopeless.

Build your business for success. Take time to set a strategic plan. Do not be discouraged by goats, curses or fan interference. Such things are a part of the journey. Try not to take 108 years to reach your goal, but if you do, know that the celebration will be great. Lead your team to victory, and fly the “W!”


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