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Transformative business planningWhat does it t to take to create a transformative business? What does it take to not only survive, but reach beyond and thrive?

Envision a pyramid. The great Egyptian pyramids, for example, have withstood the millennia. Their structure is simple, elegant and substantive. Consider the pyramid as a model for building a transformative business.


Like the Egyptian pyramids, a transformative business requires a solid base, good implementation, and a goal.

The base for our pyramid has three components: financial awareness, operations and marketing.

I: Financial awareness: Key individuals understand financial operations, collect relevant data and use financial data in decision-making.

II: Operations: A solid business has solid operations. Things are done efficiently and effectively. Processes are well-established, and adapt to meet changing needs.

III: Marketing: Targeted customers are identified and profiled, and are successfully engaged.

Once the basis for business is solidly established, the two components for transformative action can be added. These are inspirational leadership and creative innovation.

IV: Inspirational leadership: Transformative businesses require leaders who raise their staff above the passable, to the exceptional. Inspirational leaders see the vision and guide others to see and embrace the vision as well.

V: Creative innovation: The world and the competitive environment is changing constantly. Yesterday’s solutions will not solve tomorrow’s problems, and yesterday’s products won’t satisfy tomorrow’s customers. A transformative business has the vision to anticipate the future, and acts now to meet it.

Finally we reach the pinnacle of the pyramid. This is the guiding principle, the motivating mission which drives transformation. This is its overarching purpose.

VI: An overarching purpose: Profit is the goal of business, but a transformative business is about more than profit. . Whether in the for profit or not for profit sector, a transformative business is focused on a vision of what is possible. This is the driving force for transformation.

Six components form the business pyramid. But there is a seventh component, which is critical to the functioning of the other six. This key component is connection.

Connection: Transformation is achieved only when the components are connected in productive communication. The whole is far more powerful than the sum of its parts. Communication and connection mobilize the organization to greatness.

Transformation is possible for any organization. Take a moment to reflect. Identify the areas which are holding you back and take action. Launch into the future, and be energized. Transform your business beyond success, into something great.



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