Business Processes, Profit & Joy

iStock_000002488442WebIt’s the new year, and time for brand new creation – new growth, new profits, new business processes, and yes, new joy in 2014. For  most of us, the new year began aerobically,  as we shoveled our way into  2014. This was followed by “let’s just hunker down and hibernate,” as the deep freeze set in, and venturing outside became a dangerous proposition.

So now we’re out of excuses, and it’s time to launch into the new year. Set a big goal, and take action. Think about business processes. Processes are at the core of business. Business growth, profit and joy are all built on processes. What in your business needs fine tuning? What processes do you lack? Pick just one process and start it, stop it or fix it. You may need to make adjustments as you go, but each step takes you closer to your goal.

Build your business processes to produce joy. We focus on growth and profit, but without joy, why bother? Joy keeps us going, and joy keeps business growing. Joy is attractive – it attracts joy, and customers, clients and profits. Business is built on relationships, and joy is key to these relationships. Do your processes deliver and exceed customer expectations? Do customers eagerly seek you out? Do your processes support you and your staff, minimizing rework and maximizing efficiency? All businesses have challenges and frustrations, but do your smiles outnumber growls? Great processes produce joy for you, your staff and your customers. And great processes and joy produce profits and growth.

Take a fresh look at your business. Opportunities are endless, and there for the taking. Find one thing to change. Create a new process, create joy and create growth. Launch into the new year with a new perspective, new goals, and seize new opportunities for great accomplishment.



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