“Turbo-charge & Transform!”

is the do-it-yourself guide to business innovation. Spark creativity, identify opportunities and create strategies to capitalize on them.  This workbook contains twenty freestanding exercises to guide your team through focus, visioning, strategic planning and implementation.

Each exercise is a compact, one page, double sided worksheet. A brief overview and instructions for the team and team leader accompany each item.

The worksheets can be used individually, or several forms can be grouped together to support a longer work session or extended retreat. Select the exercises which best serve your team and situation.

Use  “Turbo-charge & Transform!”  to focus and clarify key issues.  Identify your opportunities and take action.

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From Corporate to Consultant

is a real-life overview and “how to” guide for establishing a practice as an independent business consultant. Working for yourself has both advantages and challenges. Know what to expect if you are considering making a move. Ellen Huxtable’s career has spanned both worlds and successfully navigated the transition between.

“From Corporate to Consultant” is available in both paperback and e-book from

The Job Seeker’s Guide to Networking Online

With the switch to online contact, the networking game has changed. If you are in career transition, knowing how to make the best impression online is critical. Learn the factors which can improve your presence and make a positive impression on prospective employers. Get this on Kindle from Amazon. 

Power Networking for Small Businesses

In business, your network is critical. Business contacts expand your footprint, reputation and visibility. Networking is reciprocal, and your effectiveness in the process is tied to your commitment to helping others. Face-to-face networking events are a dance. Power Networking for Small Businesses is your guide to the steps and rhythm of the dance. Understand the process, make a commitment to helping others, and empower your networking effectiveness. Polish your in-person networking skills and promote your business! Get the book or e-book from Amazon. 

Power Networking for Job Seekers

Networking is critical in the job search process. Face-to-face networking events are a dance. Understand the dynamics and steps, and make the most of live networking opportunities. This book focuses on in-person networking strategies, and is a companion book to “The Job Seeker’s Guide to Networking Online.” Find the book and e-book on Amazon.