Business Innovation for Fun and Profit – 5 Steps Plus a Template

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Business innovation can be a never-ending rat race. Customer expectations are constantly evolving and growing. The stakes are high and there is little room for wasted effort. Get a handle on business innovation. Focus and maximize your impact.


  • Get excited about change. Change is constant and accelerating. You can’t stop it, so rejoice in the opportunities it presents. Be a victor, not a victim.
  • Be alert and be aware. Be on the lookout for changes and trends. For example, fast food establishments are redecorating with mature themes, and major newspapers are focusing on analysis rather than breaking news. Identify and note the seemingly small changes that surround us.
  • Analyze the implications. Why are these changes occurring? What are the trends? What is the pattern? And what can you do to reflect this in your business planning?
  • Beware of fads. Some fads, like fashions, can change overnight. If you try to jump on the bandwagon, you are likely to be too late.
  • Act decisively, with caution. Opportunities do not last long; hesitate and the opportunity may have passed. Be decisive, not foolhardy. Change is constant and circumstances can change even as you implement your plans. Stay flexible, stay fluid, and always have a backup plan ready.


Today’s leader of the pack can be tomorrow’s underdog. Innovate to stay ahead of competition and become a leader in your field. Click here for a downloadable template to get started!



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