Team Facilitation

Get the most from your planning sessions and meetings.

Meetings and planning sessions can be costly and challenging. Staff members block their schedules for the meeting, and invest additional time in preparation. Staying focused and productive can be difficult. Each participant has key information and insights which need to be expressed. Concerns need to be raised, and innovative thinking encouraged. Open discussion is critical, but straying off-topic can be deadly.

An internal coordinator or facilitator can be in a difficult position. They have their own thoughts, ideas and concerns to raise, but can lose focus, when faced with the task of running the meeting. Moreover, even if they are not a stakeholder in the discussion, participants may feel that the internal facilitator has a corporate or individual agenda they are promoting.

Advantage Business Concepts can help. We provide team facilitation, keeping the discussion focused and productive, while encouraging relevant tangential thoughts and ideas. As an outsider, we can ask the simple questions, clarifying thoughts and ideas.

With our assistance, every stakeholder and team member can focus fully on the discussion and their ideas and contribution.

Whether you are engaged in strategic planning, a SWOT analysis, brainstorming a new product or offering, or hosting another type of team effort, we can help.

Contact us today and let us assist you and your team in achieving results.