Focus for Results


Whether your team is working on a strategic plan or a new project, staying focused and productive is critical. The opinions, ideas and thoughts from all stakeholders need to be solicited, captured, and crafted into a solid, actionable plan.



An effective facilitator moderates and guides discussions toward productive outcomes. Engaging an outside agent can energize the process and catalyze efficiency and effectiveness.


Take Planning to the Next Level


Make the most of your investment and commitment to the planning process. As a team facilitator, we work with you and your staff  to best meet your goals. As an outside entity, we bring distinct advantages to the dynamics of planning sessions.


  • All stakeholders can focus exclusively on the issues. No one has to divide their attention between running the session and sharing their ideas.
  • We can ask the tough questions. We have no preconceptions.
  • We have no turf to defend. Our goal is to facilitate a win-win plan for the organization.
  • We are no one’s boss, and no one’s subordinate.
  • We bring experience insights and context to the table.


Whether you are engaged in strategic planning, a SWOT analysis, brainstorming a new product or offering, or hosting another type of team effort, we can help.


Contact us today and explore how Advantage Business Concepts can support your team planning processes.