New Leader Masterminds

The new leader

Connecting Young Business Professionals


Business is evolving at an exponential rate, and having the right connections and resources has never been more important.

New Leader Masterminds is an invitational group for young business professionals. Meet and connect with fellow business leaders and build for the future. Access fresh perspectives, new approaches, and a dynamic group of peers. Share experiences and best practices.


Sometimes, trial and error is not the best way to learn. Stepping into the unknown can be inefficient and unnecessarily risky. Access mentors who have “been there, done that, and have the T -shirt,” and take advantage of their experience.

  • What can you learn from, and share with your peers?
  • What synergies can you create with your combined skills and connections?
  • How can you help each other succeed? What networks and connections can you create?
  • How can you capitalize on knowing, understanding and adapting current best practices?
  • What resources do you need for success?

Join a group looking ahead, building for tomorrow

What else will you find? You will  find resources to focus and streamline strategies and decisions. Do you want to talk something out? This is the place to do it. Is business frustrating? Get free advice, to use or ignore.

Join us for:

  • Live forums targeting on what you want to know
  • Informal networking opportunities
  • A LinkedIn closed online community
  • Specialists to help you succeed


This is a group to meet your needs and interests. Create new possibilities for yourself and your career.

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