Connect for Success

Leadership can be lonely.


You have a great idea, or maybe it isn’t so great. You need feedback, but who do you ask? Connect with peers who understand, share ideas and insights, and move business forward decisively.




Our Peer Advisory Mastermind Groups are the place for open dialog, lively discussion and actionable  solutions to leadership challenges. Groups meet monthly via Zoom for updates, accountability checks and sharing problems and options. Each group is industry-exclusive, to allow for honest discussion. As participating businesses are diverse, solutions and suggestions raised can be adapted and potentially used by all members.


At each meeting, every member has time to share their status and request feedback. Meetings are from 1 ½ to 2 hours long, to allow time for comments, brainstorming and discussion. Between sessions, members remain in contact to share information, resources and support as needed.


None of us can see our businesses as clearly as others do. We might know our businesses better than anyone, but the view from the inside looking out can be radically different than the view from the outside looking in. The most practical and simplest solutions can be obvious to others, but totally escape leaders, owners and managers.


Find and capitalize on opportunities. Make a small investment in your vision for your business. Competition is accelerating. Work with our groups, stay in the game and gain the edge. Contact us today to learn more, and arrange to join us for a complimentary visit.


“Ellen’s group is one of the most effective and productive tools in my business arsenal… The creative think-tank atmosphere has helped me with issues that I come across in my business….This group offer(s) sage advice… I highly recommend it for a business of any size! ” B. Basilico, B2b Interactive Marketing


Gain new insights. .  Contact us today to learn more!