How Black Fridays Might Save Thanksgiving

ThanksgivingWelcome to a month of Black Fridays. Black Friday crept over and engulfed Thanksgiving years ago. From stores opening at midnight, to late night on Thanksgiving, to early evening on Thanksgiving, to Thanksgiving day itself, the mercantile mentality has slowly overrun the day of thanks.

This year some merchants barely could wait until Halloween had past to roll out the Christmas blockbuster deals. A few stores sent out feelers pre-Halloween, followed by more assertive ads immediately after, and the floodgates burst open. “Black Friday” deals are exploding all over. And in spite of the commercialism and financial motives of the vendors, there are some things to be gained.

First, for those who say “Christmas is more than a season; we need the Christmas spirit all year long,” we’re now getting two full months of Christmas. This is probably not what people have in mind, but at the rate things are going, we will soon have Christmas sales, at least, for pretty much the whole year.

Second, for those of us who are procrastinators, we now have an additional full month to procrastinate. There will still be the last minute, panic-stricken rush, but we are blessed with an additional thirty days to luxuriate in the thought, “No problem, there’s still plenty of time.”

Most importantly, however, is that with Black Friday starting on November 1st, maybe, just maybe, someday, the merchants and shoppers will all be so exhausted and spent by Thanksgiving, that there will be no reason for stores to be open on the holiday. Maybe, just maybe, there will be no reason for store clerks to work on the day of thanks. Maybe some Thanksgiving, retail employees will  be able to spend the day with family and friends, reflecting on all we have, and truly giving thanks for the abundance we so often take for granted.


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