Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday a Week Early?

Some businesses such as fire protection, law enforcement and medical facilities must be staffed, holidays or not, and we deeply appreciate the individuals who give up their holidays to do so. However, in spite of our consumerist perspectives, most retail business is not a matter of life and death.  Increasingly, many retailers and eager consumers […]

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Process improvement meeting

Process Improvement? Don’t Settle for “Yes”

We’ve all been there – trying to improve processes, making things better, more efficient, smoother running, only to have the great solution explode into the great catastrophe. What went wrong? We had input from all stakeholders, discussed the issues fifty dozen times, and had buy-in. We moved forward with excitement, enthusiasm and confidence… and got […]

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Achieving Goals or Giving Up: A Worksheet Download

Achieving goals can seem like running through McDonald’s cinnamon fruit oatmeal. The more you stir it up, the thicker it gets. Instead of looking at actions, try looking  at  the  things which block your progress and keep you from reaching your business goals. For example, if your goal is to double business, the barriers might […]

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Brainstorming for New Markets (download the worksheet!)

Today’s hot new markets will evaporate tomorrow. Even if sales are booming, smart businesses are constantly looking ahead to develop new markets. Walmart is selling groceries, McDonald’s is selling lattes. Small businesses are also scrambling for new ideas, and frozen yogurt franchises are springing up everywhere. Even if you’re not in the grocery, latte or […]

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Growing Business – Two Quick Tips for Remarkable Business!

Growing business is a matter of survival. Coasting along is not an option. Hungry competitors are trolling for clients, and complacent business owners are their prime target. In these shark-infested waters, growth is a greater challenge than ever before. Your new ideas are copied within days. Old competitors are pricing below cost, just to gain volume. […]

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Sales Worksheet: Six Keys to Sales

Six keys – six points can highlight critical gaps which are costing you sales. Download the worksheet below to stretch your vision and expand business. Take some time to think about your market, your product and your customers. Spend your marketing time, money and effort wisely. (Yes…the picture only has five keys. I suppose the […]

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