Quiz: Are You on Track for Leadership Success?


leadership success

The core of leadership success

Leadership success can be elusive. The promotion, the title, the salary boost do not make a leader. Even the ability to give orders and demand action do not constitute leadership success.

Leadership success means serving the staff, the organization, the clients and customers, as well as your career. Leadership success is built upon trust and respect. A successful leader is inspirational. They go the extra mile, and inspire their staff to do the same.

Long-term leadership success is not build upon fear, threats or intimidation. It is built upon creating a team committed to the success of all. Mastermind groups can provide excellent insights into developing an effective leadership style.

Take the quiz. Rate yourself on the following 20 items. Give yourself 5 points if you are strong in an area, 1 point if you are weak, and 2, 3 or 4 points if you are somewhere between. Be honest; (see item 11.)

 Successful leaders:

  1. Are technically outstanding in their area of expertise.
  2. Are excellent communicators in written and verbal formats.
  3. Understand and appreciate all aspects of business.
  4. Are visionaries.
  5. Create new solutions to meet new challenges.
  6. Understand finances and numbers.
  7. Support teamwork.
  8. Are not afraid to make the hard decisions.
  9. Get their hands dirty. They do whatever it takes.
  10. Are sincere. You can’t fake sincerity.
  11. Are honest. Dishonesty destroys credibility.
  12. Respect everyone.
  13. Take the blame and share the glory.
  14. Build unity and oppose divisiveness.
  15. Seek win-win solutions.
  16. Are calm, controlled and predictable
  17. Are trustworthy.
  18. Have a positive outlook and attitude.
  19. Admit mistakes and apologize.
  20. Serve rather than be served.

How did you do? Which areas are your strengths? Where can you improve? There is no passing or failing score on this quiz. We all have opportunities for improvement.

Leadership is a skill developed over time.  Find one area for personal growth, set a plan and take action. Small gestures are important. People do notice, and respond. Your actions define your leadership style. Inspire your staff. Cultivate your leadership style and image, and get on track for ongoing professional success.




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