5 Selling Tips for the Fearful Seller

Are you a fearful seller? Do you get queasy just thinking about asking customers for the sale? Asking someone to pay money for your product feels like a huge imposition. You don’t want to be pushy, and cringe at the thought of rejection. Yet this is part of your job.

Getting a Handle on the Process

So what can you do to make things a bit more comfortable, and a bit more natural?

  • First, sell a product you believe in. It’s easier to talk about a product if you sincerely believe it is a great solution to your customers’ problems.
  • Second, focus on customers who need your product and have the capacity to pay. Trying to sell when there is no need will generate a lot of rejection. And selling when there is no current capacity to pay can mean a long and uncertain sales cycle, as you wait for the customer to generate enough revenue to afford your solution.
  • Third, make a genuine connection. Get to know the person behind the customer. Listen to them and learn about them. This is not a target in the cross hairs of your sales rifle; this is someone you truly want to and help.
  • Fourth, explore how your product can relieve their pain or bring them joy.
  • Fifth, offer to help them. Show them you know, understand and appreciate their position. Present a solution in the form of your product. Show how you can fulfill their objective needs and provide emotional relief.

There is no reason to be a fearful seller. Find the customers who have a need you can fulfill, and the capacity to afford your product. Get to know them. Learn about them. How can you help them? How can you relieve their pain? You have something they want and need, but don’t already have. Tell them about it. Tell them the price, and remind them of the value, advantages and relief this brings to them. And ask for the sale.

And if the Answer is “No…”

Sometimes your offer will meet with rejection. It may be a flat “No,” or an indefinite, perpetual “Maybe.” If the customer is truly a candidate for your product, stay in touch. Maintain the personal connection you have developed. Be alert for life events that may push them to make a purchase. Be prepared to help them with your product, when they are ready to act.

Selling means supplying your customers with what they need and want. It is a win-win proposition. Help your customers. Be a resource for them. And sell your product with confidence.

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