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Connection is the core of business success. A successful business connects with customers, fulfilling their needs. It connects internal processes and teams, efficiently delivering a product.  A successful business connects to the pulse of the market, anticipating and proactively meeting challenges. Successful leaders connect to their peers, sharing ideas and insights to gain a competitive edge. Successful professional organizations connect with the needs of their members, providing targeted and informative educational opportunities.



Business Leaders: Focus and Connect.

Growing Businesses: Build for Tomorrow.

Meeting Planners: Energize Membership!

Newer Businesses:
Get Practical Help.







Advantage Business Concepts specializes in connection. We offer a range of services and modalities, to fit the needs of business leaders and businesses today.

  • Our Mastermind Groups bring together non-competing business leaders in a focused, problem-solving forum.
  • Quarterly business retreats enable leaders to get away from the daily environment, and connect with larger strategic issues.
  • Presentations and workshops provide practical tips and insights which can be immediately applied to make a difference.
  • On-site services help leadership teams pinpoint market opportunities and tailor processes for effectiveness.
  • Group facilitation services support functional teams, boards and organizations of all types by providing outside, objective coordination to address critical issues.

What is holding you back? What recurrent issues keep you awake at night? What are you avoiding? Take the time to invest in your future. How can you improve your professional position, and the competitive position of your organization? What do you wish you could brainstorm with others?

Contact us today to explore how we might help you address your most critical issues. There is no obligation.


“Ellen is a dynamic person who excels with a high degree of understanding today’s business challenges, opportunities and solutions.”  -Joel Gomez, Senior Operations Manager, Junior Achievement of Chicago

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