The Business Retreat


Work-life balanceNext Retreat: 11/14/18: Launch Into 2019 – The Best Strategic Planning Retreat Ever!

(Well, maybe not “ever,”  but we’re definitely shooting high!)

Join us and get excited about the possibilities. Get your head on straight, get laser-focused, and position your business to launch aggressively into 2019.

Critical Content:

  • What do you want to be when you grow up, and why? Nail down your mission and purpose.
  • Getting a handle on the money: Get the latest updates on the new tax laws; use our template to set financial projections.
  • Finessing the competition: Creating “out of the box” ideas, approaches and strategies.
  • Putting it all together: Your strategic plan and key action items now, and in 2019

Tax updates and implications from Patrick Noone from PJN Tax Solutions.

Special feature: Potluck lunch offerings from some of our veteran attendees!

Our “Vibe:”

The Business Retreat is an informal, small group experience. Casual dress and casual vibe. Get to know other participants and develop deeper business relationships.  Explore new perspectives, best practices and breakthrough ideas.

Our Agenda:

  • Morning: Kick back with beverages, pastries and  introductions.  Forget your usual “elevator speech.” We have time. Tell us a bit about your business, and a bit about yourself.
  • Then settle in and absorb our featured presentations. Ask questions, engage in discussion, share ideas.
  • Lunch: We’ll break for a light lunch and recharge for the afternoon!
  • Afternoon: Your choice –  Stay in the common area and kick back, bounce ideas, get inspired. Set accountability goals and ask for support. Or adjourn to a private room to work on a critical project that never seems to get done. Or take a walk in the woods. Pick your options!

Location and Time:

  • Fox Valley Christian Action / Riverwoods Christian Center
  • 35W624 Riverwoods Lane, St. Charles, IL 60174
  • 8am – 4pm, November 14, 2018

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This is a small group event with limited availability.

$225 per person for the full day’s activities. $115 Earlybird discount rate ends 11/5/18 – sign up now!

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