Leadership Insights – The Eclipse

The eclipse was amazing, and as we settle back into the routine, what leadership insights can we take away?

Lessons from the Eclipse:

We become caught up in the everyday, and lose perspective on the greater picture. Leadership is a process of continuous learning.  Consider the following reflections from our shared eclipse experience.

  • Being at the right place, at the right time, can be amazing. The eclipse is a product of the sun and the moon, both of which seem ordinary and everyday. When they are at the right place, at the right time, we are observers of the extraordinary. As a leader, seek opportunities for your organization, staff and yourself to be at the right place, at the right time, and be prepared to be amazed.


  • Get up close, for maximum impact. The moon, which is 1/400 the size of the sun, can blot it out. Why? Because it is also 400 times closer to the earth. Get close to your staff and your customers, get close to problems, challenges and opportunities, and take advantage of that position.


  • We don’t control everything. No one on earth could stop or change the eclipse. Everyday life can seduce us into believing that as humans, or leaders, or holders of tremendous wealth or influence, we are all-powerful. And we are not.


  • Science serves us, and we ignore it at our own risk. Science predicted the eclipse. Science provided warnings about staring into the sun, and science provided the techniques and materials to enable us to safely view the show. Leadership is called upon to consider the warnings of science, and take responsible action.


  • We are all the same. The eclipse didn’t put on a special premium show for the wealthy or the powerful. All ethnicities, genders, and holders of various belief sets are equal in nature.

Leading Forward:

Leadership insights come from many sources. Cosmic phenomena remind us that our entire world is a speck in the universe. The eclipse reminds us that  as nations, peoples and individuals, we are indeed small, impermanent and transient. The next eclipse visible in North America will occur in 2024. Things will be radically different. As leaders, let us work together to make the greatest positive impact for the world and the future which will be here for the 2024 eclipse.


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