Happy July 4th Blessings!

July 4th fireworksHappy July 4th! It’s a time to celebrate our country, celebrate our freedom, and give thanks for the blessings we truly enjoy.

The decisions and struggles of the Founding Fathers make our challenges seem insignificant in comparison. While they had their lives and the fate of a nation on the line, we in business worry about market share and profit margins, and too often lose sight of the really big picture. We’re here to serve, to make the world better for those we know, those we don’t know, and those who are to come. We have inherited great blessings, and have great opportunities to expand those blessings to others.

Thanks to the Spirit of 1776, regardless of our place on the political spectrum, we share a profound legacy. May we continue to work together to sustain it.  Happy July 4th!  Happy fireworks, cookouts, flags and bunting, hot dogs and mustard and Yankee Doodle, and happy freedom and liberty to all!

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