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grow business, be differentFinding the fun in business can be tough. When things are slow, we’re slogging through quicksand, trying to get something going and nothing seems to work. Huge amounts of effort seem to vanish into a dark hole. When things pick up, we’re running like crazy, trying to keep up and catch up. Either way, fun is the last thing we have in mind. There isn’t time; we have more important things to do. Fun isn’t professional. Fun isn’t profitable. Business is business. Business isn’t meant to be fun.

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

Rewind your thinking. Let’s take this step by step:

  • Idea 1: You want customers for your business.
  • Idea 2: To get customers’ attention, you need to be different.
  • Idea 3: Other businesses are usually serious. Boo. Hiss.
  • Idea 4: If your business is fun, you will be different.
  • Idea 4.5: Fun feels good.
  • Idea 5: So have fun, be different, attract customers and grow business.
  • Idea 6: If you are in the funeral home business, forget points 3b, 4.5 and 5a above.

Bottom line: You can’t afford not to have fun. (Except for the disclaimer in Idea 6 above, of course.)

Looking for fun in unexpected places: Recently I’ve read through a sea of college websites, seeking insight.  After the first few, they blend into a mind-numbing blah, blah, blah of numbers, smiling student faces, and grassy knolls. Buried in the heap is Lawrence University. Nothing remarkable or unusual, Except every so often, you get a hint of something different. I quote:

“With all the things you need to do to get ready to arrive at Lawrence, it doesn’t take much to get a little lost. (It even happens to us from time to time, and we work here.)”

“Placement Exams:  The exams are mandatory and fun for new students.” (their emphasis)

“Freshman Studies has been a cornerstone of the Lawrence experience since 1945, when it was developed by then-president Nathan Pusey (who went on to become the president of a certain college in Cambridge, Mass. that rhymes with “Schmarvard.”)”

Lawrence University is  not afraid to have fun. In person, the staff and faculty are positive, lively and make you smile. They are transformational. And they are remarkable – you can’t help but spread the word.

Fun is remarkable. It grows business, and it feels great. Have fun; be remarkable.

So what can you do? Post a silly picture or add a smiley face to a post. Relax the biz talk or the SEO optimized talk, and be human. To get you started on fun, click here for the one and only Advantage Business Concept Cootie Catcher download. If you don’t know how this works, find a third grader for a consultative session. Hopefully in the age of technology this basis of critical knowledge has remained intact. Have fun. be remarkable, grow business and spread the joy.



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