Find Your Leadership Batting Average

What is your business leadership batting average?

In the leadership game, are you batting 500 or struggling at the bottom of the league? You are playing in the majors. And like any major league player, you skills need to be razor sharp. Rate yourself onthe following ten items; each is worth 50 points.


  1. Do you have the financial and other reports you need to make informed decisions?
  2. Do you have the bandwidth to get things done?
  3. Are your operations effective and efficient?
  4. Is your marketing on target?
  5. Is your staff engaged, or glaring at you behind your back?
  6. Are you constantly innovating and developing new ideas to stay competitive?
  7. Do you have a solid strategic plan for the future?
  8. Do your activities reflect your corporate mission, vision and values?
  9. Have you identified a purpose beyond profit?
  10. Do you integrate the nine items above into a cohesive plan?

If you scored a full 50 points on every factor, give yourself a 500 point bonus. You are a superstar.

If you did not score 1000, what is your batting average? Where are the threats to your management position? Nagging deficiencies do not miraculously vanish. The threats are real.  Procrastination is not your friend. Take action now to play in and stay in the major leagues.

Leadership is a lonely game. Where do you turn for advice and support? Your boss may be sympathetic, but there are limits to sympathy. And if you are the CEO, the buck stops with you. Staff members can provide front-line observations and suggestions, but ultimately the decisions are yours. Clients can provide feedback, but don’t know your operational constraints. Vendors can provide insight into the marketplace, but clearly have their own agendas.

Advantage Business Concepts helps leaders stay on top of their game. Get the support you need, when you need it. Contact us today to schedule a time to talk.  There is no obligation.


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