Coachable Success

Coachable success

If you’re not coachable, you are expendable. So how can you tap into coachable success?

What is coachable success? Success can be maddeningly elusive. You can work hard and seek the latest advice, but feel like you’re trapped in a tar pit. Progress is at a snail’s pace, while competitors and opportunities seem to be surging ahead. Many factors can legitimately be blamed. You may be short of resources, or in a cash crunch. Competitors may have saturated the market before you arrived. Customers may be too afraid to act in their own best interest. Co-workers may be challenging.

Don’t be Left Behind; Don’t be Left Out.

As you progress through a career, coaching can be invaluable. In a corporate setting, a coach or mentor can alert you to the accepted processes, procedures and cultural expectations which support success in the organization. In the entrepreneurial setting, a coach can guide you through the nuances of the business world, and direct you to opportunities you might have missed. Coaching can take the form of advisors, or mentors, or mastermind peer groups, or even close knowledgeable friends.

Are You Really Ready?

But the big question is not related to the availability of resources or mentors. The big question lies within. That is, are you coachable? Regardless of the resources you have, or the opportunities which fall your way, the ultimate key to long-term success is the ability, or lack thereof, to be coachable.

Coachable success is more than subscribing to the latest blogs, or investing in a personal mentor, or recognizing that you have to follow corporate policy. The coachable person listens to advice, assesses it, and takes action based upon it. A coachable person recognizes that no one has all the answers, and that taking advice means taking advantage of the experiences, successes and failures of others. Being coachable means climbing the ladder of success faster and more efficiently by avoiding avoidable pitfalls and following the guidance of someone who has already forged the path.

Can You Commit to Change?

Being coachable requires a genuine commitment to personal change. It means setting aside ego, and sometimes setting aside pride. It may mean acknowledging that another approach is better than yours. It can mean recognizing that your style is not effective in this setting, and to succeed in this position means you must seriously change your style.

Those who are not coachable are expendable. The world does not revolve around any one person, and no one is perfect in their outlook, opinions or direction. Even a CEO who rejects all advice is vulnerable to a contender who draws upon both personal expertise and the expertise of others.

Pursue coachable success. Draw upon expertise. Find and partner with formal and informal advisors. Listen to different perspectives. Don’t be left behind. Be coachable, and succeed.




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