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Is Your Corporate Culture Toxic?

How healthy is your corporate culture? Are you sure? What do your employees really think and say in private? From a management perspective, things can look great. Work gets done and employees are diligent. But is this because of your organization and leadership, or in spite of it? Corporate culture and morale rest solely on […]

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Meetings destroy morale

Do Your Meetings Destroy Morale?

Do your meetings destroy morale? Do your staff members suffer a slow “death by meeting?” Meetings, whether face-to-face or electronic, are entrenched in business culture. We feel we need to keep people informed, and solicit input, feedback and buy-in. We feel meetings build morale. But do they? Are your meetings building morale or tearing down […]

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Meeting strategies

Meeting Strategies and Death by Meeting

Good, Bad, or Ugly? Meeting strategies can bolster an organization, or alienate your best staff members. In most organizations, meetings are a part of the landscape. Whether it’s two or three people chatting by the coffee maker, or a work group, or a general, all-hands-on-deck full staff gathering, meetings can be an efficient way to […]

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