New Leader Masterminds

The new leader


New Leader Masterminds:

Bringing together tomorrow’s business leaders



Business is changing, and the demands of leadership are changing with it. Today’s solutions, structures and systems will not address tomorrow’s critical needs.

It’s time for fresh perspectives, new approaches, and open thinking. And it’s also time to equip the new guard with those key elements of business which are learned from experience, and can be adapted to meet new challenges. There’s no reason to worship  old technology, but there’s also no reason to re-invent the wheel.

For emerging leaders, consider your collective potential.

  • What could you learn from, and share with your peers?
  • What synergies could you create with your combined skills and connections?
  • How could you help each other succeed? What networks and connections could you create?
  • How could you capitalize on knowing, understanding and adapting current best practices?
  • What if you had resources to help you avoid major pitfalls?

Join a group looking ahead, building for tomorrow.

The New Leader Masterminds is an invitational forum for emerging business leaders. Its programs and offerings have been designed specifically to meet your needs and interests.

This is a place for fresh ideas and approaches. You won’t find senior managers protesting, “That’s never worked.”  You will find insights and observations from peers and occasionally from the group moderators.  There may be warnings that others see a sharp cliff ahead, but there will also be encouragement to build the best wings you can, and give it a try.

What else will you find? You will  find resources to focus and streamline strategies and decisions. Do you want to talk something out? This is the place to do it. Is business frustrating? Get free advice, to use or ignore.

Join us for:

  • An invitational online community, via LinkedIn
  • Moderated face-to-face forums covering critical topics
  • Informal opportunities to network and get to know your peers
  • Access to consultative support for resources, best practices and precedents

This is a group to meet your needs and interests. Create new possibilities for yourself and your career.

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