5/3/16: The Business Retreat – The Strategic Planning Getaway

Experience The Business Retreat

Experience the Business Retreat




Getting ahead and saying on top is tough. You need time to think, to set a plan and take action. You need honest advice, a roadmap and answers.


Come to The Business Retreat. We have the structure, the roadmap, and an arsenal of practical answers to get you off the treadmill. Get away for a quiet day to think and work on your business, not in it. Boost the bottom line. Build momentum. Take one day to transform your future.

Bring your laptop. Reflect on your business the challenges and the opportunities. Assess your business position and take action on the spot. Brainstorm, laugh with and get to know like-minded business decision-makers.

We meet four times a year. At each retreat each participant takes another step forward, toward their dream business.

Our agenda:

  • Morning: We open with introductions.  The Business Retreat is a small group experience, so forget your usual “elevator speech.” Tell us a bit about your business, and a bit about yourself. Take a quick quiz – is your business running on all cylinders? Target your weak link. Spend time before lunch to work on it. Ask your questions, get new insights and approaches and take action now. The Business Retreat is more than a forum for new ideas; it is a place to put the ideas into action, on the spot.
  • Lunch: We’ll break for a light lunch and explore “Words.” Whether face to face, or on your website, or in blogs, videos or printed materials, words are the tools of persuasion. Gain new insights on the words you use and discover opportunities to empower your communications.
  • Afternoon: It’s time to kick back, bounce ideas, and get inspired!  Get to know fellow participants in an informal, casual setting as we brainstorm new ideas to focus and build business.

Join us and accomplish something important for your business!

Register now. Fee includes a full day to focus in a wooded, retreat setting. Relax. We provide  presentations, worksheets, refreshments and a light lunch. Participation in the business retreat is limited, to provide a quality experience for attendees.

Tuesday, May 3,  2016     

 Riverwoods Christian Center

35W624 Riverwoods Lane, St. Charles, IL 60174

8am – 4pm

$125 before April 28th;  $225 thereafter.